Company Registrations

2012- Incorporated in Sweden, Norbotten December,

registered according to EU trade registrations to perform work in Finland and Denmark
2014- Construction Site Safety certified through SSG Entre
2017- Bas-U and Bas-P- Site management, safety health corporate level training


Public Concrete Skatepark Building and Design Experience
Design role noted for each park.

LD= lead designer
CD= contributing designer

2011-2016- Project builds undertaken by Beaver Concrete AB.
For each project listed Beaver acted as either as the general contractor/ total entrepreneur or as skatepark construction contractor operating under a project management company. While acting as a sub-contractor Beaver Concrete still held responsibility for all aspects of the construction process from finalizing earthworks to finished project as well the logistics, scheduling and materials handling. Where Beaver Concrete had smaller roles for sub-contractor projects these projects are noted


Norsjo, Sweden, 400m2, LD
Karlstad, Sweden, 175m2
Viborg, Denmark, 1200m2, LD

X-Hall Indoor, Copenhagen, Denmark 500 m2, LD
Pitea, Sweden, 800 m2, CD
Rovaniemi, Finland, 550 m2 (with Concrete Proof OY)
Oulu, Finland, 600 m2 (with Concrete Proof OY)
Falun, Sweden, 500 m2 b (with Nord Skateparks AB)
Robertfors, Sweden, 650m2, LD

GAME Street Mekka, Esberg, Denmark, 1100 m2, LD
Orebro, Sweden, 2500 m2, CD
Jarvenpaa, Finland, 900 m2 (with Concrete Proof OY)
Helsingor, Denmark, 450 m2 (with ENR AB, only concrete work)


Oulu Indoor skatepark, Oulu, Finland, 700 m2 (with Concrete Proof OY), LD
Sundsvall, Sweden, 1100 m2. CD
Horsholm Bowl, Denmark, 275 m2 (with ENR AB, only concrete work)
Olari skatepark, Espoo, Finland, 900 m2 (with Concrete Proof OY) CD
Leppavaara skatepark, Espoo, Finland, 1800 m2 (with Concrete Proof OY), CD
Tampere, Finland, 1300 m2 (with Concrete Proof OY), CD
Harboore, Denmark, 200 m2, LD

Vuosaari street skatepark, Helsinki, Finland, 850 m2, CD
Nuuk, Greenland, 650 m2, CD
Muurame, Finland, 350 m2, LD
Viitasaari, Finland, 400 m2, LD
Lemvig, Denmark, 1250 m2, CD
Slangerup, Denmark, 150 m2, LD

Bo, Norway 300 m2
Ingared, Sweden, 500 m2, CD
Muurame, Finland, 350 m2, LD
Hilleri skatepark, Helsinki, Finland, 500 m2, CD
Harus skatepark, Helsinki, Finland, 350 m2, CD
Tuoriniemi skatepark, Helsinki, Finland, 450 m2, CD
Vuosaari bowl, Helsinki Finland, 850 m2, LD
Korso Indoor, Vantaa, Finland, 100 m2, LD

Laholme, Sweden 500 m2 (with Concreatures AB), CD
Ponkes skatepark, Helsinki, Finland, 600 m2, CD
Lulea Extremesport Indoor, Lulea, Sweden 850 m2, CD